If you believe that you have seen more and more Zipline opportunities and advertisements recently, then you would be absolutely correct.  Ziplining adventures have increased tremendously over the past couple of decades, and is expected to continue seeing substantial growth in the future.  Ziplining is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of varying ages, physical capabilities, and at different extreme levels, as well.

If you are unfamiliar with a zipline, it is defined as; “a cable that is suspended above an incline to which a pulley and harness are attached for a rider.  The incline of a zipline allows the rider to be pulled by gravity along the line”.

History shows that ziplines have been around for many generations, and that it was originally created for transportation of people and supplies over terrain that proved impassable or dangerous.  Ziplining then evolved into a way to view and study areas that were often unreachable or were delicate areas that were studied by scientists and environmentalists.  Ziplining high above certain environments allows people the chance to study various flora and fauna, while not disrupting the delicacy of the world below.  A fine example of this type of study can be found high above the rainforest areas of South America, where people can see the forest and the ecosystem below them, while not disrupting the natural environment.

     Zipline adventures can be found around the globe, and ziplines vary greatly in length, height, speeds, and thrill for the adventure seeker.  In the United States, almost every state offers zipline opportunities for zipline enthusiasts.  You may find that you wish to visit a variety of ziplining locations, in order to see the wide range of interesting destinations that are available.  Below, you will find a list of some very popular ziplining locations in the U.S.  Perhaps one of these will be on your list of places to visit, or perhaps they will spark an interest in you to check out some other ziplining places, too.

Skyline Eco-Adventures:  This company boasts the reputation of being the very first zipline company in the United States.  They have several locations throughout the state of Hawaii, and they offer ziplining tours high above the beautiful terrain, including; waterfalls and very lush landscapes.

Camelback Mountain Adventures:  Located in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania, this multi-adventure park has many exciting adventures for guests, including a 4,000-foot-long cable used for ziplining.  While on this zipline, you will pass over the Camelback Mountain Waterpark, have gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains, and will be able to reach a speed of about 60 miles per hour.

Ziprider at Icy Strait Point, Alaska:  This zipline adventure is unlike other ones, due to its’ unique scenery and the chance of seeing some interesting wildlife, such as a whale, from the view in the air.  This zipline has a significant grade of about 25%, so riders are able to enjoy the steep decline, while reaching quick speeds of approximately 65 mph.

These zipline adventures are just a sample of some of the fascinating adventures that await you in the U.S.  When you are on your own travels, check out a ziplining tour close to you, if you want to challenge yourself with a unique and unforgettable experience.

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