Snow Skiing / Snowboarding / Snow Tubing

     For those people who enjoy a variety of snow-related sports, then you probably have some interest in either snow skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing.  Perhaps you have tried all of them, or at least want to try them some day!  All of these adventurous activities require some level of physical fitness, but once on the slopes, you can engage in novice experiences or high-level activities.  From the baby slopes to the black diamond slopes, skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing can be fun and challenging wintertime thrills.

Some professionals say that “Skiing is easier (than snowboarding) to learn but harder to master – whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master”.  Among people who are very familiar with both of these sports, most folks will agree with this quote.  Almost all resorts that offer snow skiing facilities, also allow snowboarders to use the slopes, as well.

Whichever activity you are engaging in, there are certain pieces of equipment that you will need.  For example, for skiers, you will need skis, poles, boots, and bindings.  Helmets are also used quite frequently by snow skier enthusiasts.  Snowboarders will need a snowboard, boots, bindings, and a helmet, as well.  Both sports should be done with the appropriate clothing, too.  Items such as waterproof pants, a jacket, gloves, warm socks, and goggles may come in very useful, depending on the weather conditions of the day.

     Snow tubing is another snow sport that can often be found in areas that offer skiing and snowboarding.  Snow tubing is usually enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities.  Many snow tubing facilities include long, narrow passages where the tube can be guided from the top of a hill to the bottom surface.  The rider can enjoy the thrilling ride down the slope, without much need for expertise.

Below, you will find some favorite places for snow sports throughout the United States.  Perhaps you have already visited some of them, or maybe you will be introduced to some new snow sport destinations.

-Aspen, Colorado:  Throughout the town of Aspen, guests will find numerous ski resorts, snowboarding locations, and snow tubing, as well.

-Big Sky, Montana:  Big Sky Resort is famous for their skiing and snowboarding opportunities, and snow tubing can also be found in Big Sky, as well.

-Winterplace Ski Resort, West Virginia:  All types of snow sports can be found in this West Virginia favorite, including skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing.

-Camelback Mountain, Pennsylvania:  Advertised as having the country’s largest snow tubing park, Camelback Mountain Resort also has skiing and snowboarding, too.

-Sugar Mountain Resort, North Carolina:  All levels of ski slopes and snowboarding slopes are available at Sugar Mountain, as well as a four-lane snow tubing park, too.

As you might guess, many resorts across the country that offer snow skiing and snowboarding slopes, also have snow tubing locations, too, but not all of them.  The same is true in the reverse; not all snow tubing resorts have snow skiing and snowboarding facilities.  Wherever your wintertime travels take you, it is best to investigate your targeted destination before you set out for your next snow sport adventure!

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