Biking Expeditions

     From the time when you were young and small, you probably learned to ride a bicycle at some point.  Learning to balance and propel yourself forward was a thrill, no doubt, and you quickly realized that a whole world waited for you to come explore and make new discoveries.  Well, the world is still waiting for you, and if you enjoy a nice, relaxing bike ride, then a biking expedition may just be the adventure that you should investigate.

From lazy, slow-paced bicycling through a small town or across several miles, to a faster-paced, challenging bicycle tour, the options are plentiful and the biking destinations are immense.  All over the world, people are discovering bicycling as a different way to explore new towns, villages, coastal areas, mountains, and so much more.  From the novice to the expert, anyone can find a biking expedition that is appropriate for their physical level and for their personal interests.

Once you have made the decision to take a bicycling adventure for your next vacation, then you must decide what type of trip will be most interesting to you.  For example, do you want to challenge yourself by taking a bike tour that is in the mountains or in the rolling hills, therefore working yourself physically, as well as seeing the beautiful countryside?  Or would you be better off staying in terrain that is smooth and flat, perhaps along a coastal region that is low-lying and is filled with open horizons.  Once you have decided what is the best choice for you, then embarking on your plans for your trip is the next step.

     Throughout the world, and throughout the United States, bike enthusiasts can find organized tour groups that focus solely on bicycle tours.  Perhaps one of these tours is a good choice for you, or maybe you want to organize one for yourself.  Perhaps you and a friend, or a small group of friends, wish to organize a biking adventure for yourselves.  Along with having bikes that are in good shape, ensure that you have other supplies that will be needed, as well.  Things such as moisture-wicking, comfortable clothing, plenty of water, first aid supplies, helmets, and a planned itinerary are essential for providing yourselves with a safe and unforgettable adventure.

When looking for some organized tours within the U.S., there are a few favorite spots that have been enjoyed by other bike enthusiasts.  Perhaps one of these listed below will spark an interest in you.

-The Lobster Roll Bike Tour:  Located along the coast of Maine, this bike tour offers riders the chance to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, while building up an appetite for a lobster roll meal.

-The Portland Beer Tours by Bike:  This Portland, Oregon gem offers a leisurely bike tour to those interested in checking out the local pubs.

-Pedal Oak Park, Illinois:  This 2-hour excursion offers riders the chance to see many historic buildings, as well as several designs by famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Along with these day trips that were mentioned, bicycle adventures can also be found for people who are interested in multi-day excursions, too.  Be sure to check out all of your options before making your final decision about your next biking expedition.

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